CBD and COVID - Dope News!

CBD and COVID - Dope News!

Oh hey, stoner babes! There are some pretty DOPE scientists out there right now looking at what the cannabis compound, cannabidiol (CBD), is doing in human cells in relation to the novel coronavirus. Spoiler alert: it’s helping to reduce the chances of full blown COVID-19 infections by preventing replication in human cells. This was published in a peer-reviewed study on January 20th, 2022, that you can read the ins and outs of HERE

Another part of the study shows that patients who were prescribed CBD experienced lower rates of COVID-19. Yo, it’s blocking viral replication! That’s as good a reason as any to light 'em up! Please note that when scientists looked to answer the question - does marijuana prevent Covid? - the answer was technically no. THC itself essentially cancels out the positive effects of CBD in this scenario. When using CBD for covid prevention, scientists note that for the best effects you should stick with high purity quality CBD itself and eat with a high fat meal. Given all this info we *highly* suggest you check out the Tonic Sessions C_D Preroll or some Dad Grass Prerolls!!

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This study was a follow up to one from our friends to the north (What's up, Canada!) published on January 10th, 2022, also showing how cannabidiol has some anti-COVID effects, like preventing entry of the live covid virus into cells. We love Canadians (What's up, Emma!)! And we looove to hear that our 420 alternative flowers are working overtime against this virus. One of the owners of a Friends fave product line, Sackville & Co., is Canadian. Get yourself some of their rolling papers or the Four Tiered Gold Grinder to show how anti-COVID you are!

From our own, highly un-scientific case studies [i.e. trying to live our best lives through a global pandemic] we have found that staying relaxed is key. There are some points in these studies that also affirm how CBD is helping our mental health through all of this, too. So, why not try a C_D lollipop or these Relaxing Alternative Cigs?

One thing is certain, more clinical trials about cannabis and Covid are needed and there’s a lot more to observe and learn. But, what we’re seeing so far makes us all want to sing our CBDs. 

These findings are meant to be in conjunction with all other safety precautions, of course. So, get vaccinated, mask up, and stay safe, bbs. 

DISCLAIMER: While Friends NYC enjoys some cheek most days, we DO NOT believe in being cheeky when it comes to vaccines, masks and social distancing. The ideas in this blog are not meant to suggest you do anything but follow what the CDC advises in this time of global pandemic.
But we also believe you should smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, amiright?