Chazwick Goes On A Date

Chazwick Goes On  A Date
Friends fave Chazwick is back, and this time we are helping him prep for his big night out on the town. 
In real life, we majorly stan our hilarious friend John Bigmun, so of course we had him and our #1 MVP BFF Jayson Green come back and make us some more funny footage.  Big thanks also to Andy Reuland for the master editing :)
If you can breathe between lols, check out Chazwick's date ensembles.



If you are vibing Chaz's style, heres the cheat sheet to get it in your cart ASAP:

Sunglasses and a major shirt are a total must.

Stay Lit with the perfect summer tote.

Make your own shade with this straw hat.

Channel summer camp with this button up.

are U a Swiftie?

Or more of a streeetwear vibe? Vintage wu hat and Chinatown market shirt.

and of course, everyone loves a tiny sack.

we strongly recommend you take all your dating cues from Chaz, and all your fashion finds from Friends.



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