Deck the House with Redecker!

Deck the House with Redecker!
By: Ebony Baker
Here at Friends, we love, love, love cutifying our home spaces. So when we found Redecker at a trade show in Paris, we knew we needed to import these European goodies, just for you! Natural, practical and beautiful are three words to describe Redecker products. Since 1935, the company has prided itself on using natural and sustainable materials and “has gone through many changes since making their first hand-made brushes."
This company was started in Germany by Friedel Redecker. Friedel became blind as a child and, despite this disability, became a successful brush maker. Through his inventiveness and persistence, he created a successful company that continues to sell world-wide after three generations. The Redecker family has kept the vision of Friedel Redecker alive and continues to  to provide the best possible products to all consumers worldwide. “Over the years, the business grew from small market stalls to the first regular customers and all the way to international companies.” In 2015, Redecker celebrated its 80-year anniversary. We love a good origin story!
Redecker began by making brushes, and so we have made sure to stock two of the varieties - the stiff bristle as well as the softer horsehair version. The heads are compostable, and we have replacements, so once you're done with one you can reuse the handle and just pop in a new brush head! 
Another reason we love Redecker, is the attention to quality. Every product is critically inspected and thoroughly tested by employees and their family members, before hitting shelves. Plus, they are also committed to sustainability. In what they consider to be a “throwaway” society, Redecker has successfully curated products that are timeless, long lasting, AND eco-friendly (psst - a bunch of their products are compostable!) We love a brand that has a larger vision, and Redecker's goal of creating more ethical and sustainable habits amongst its customers, is something we stan.
Want to know what we've got? Read along as we highlight some of the new products from the Redecker collection!  Along with supplies for your kitchen, Redecker has your skin-care in mind! Introducing the Pumice Stone, an all natural skin care from Redecker. Use it to exfoliate, help with calluses, and combat dry hands made from all natural lava stone. Get ready for fall the right way with the Enamel Cup; this mug is perfect for keeping all of your favorite fall beverages nice and hot. Last, but not least, Friends NYC has you covered with Redecker’s new Red Cedar Blocks ; made with untreated cedar wood, these blocks are designed to rid your closets, dressers, drawers or pesky moths and they keep your drawers smelling fresh af.
Whether you are shopping online or visiting in store, we encourage you to check out this company's collection today and get decked out in Redecker; trust us - you will become addicted. 

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