As we all know by now, practicing sustainability in this global climate is important in our day to day lives. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Here at Friends, we value our Earth and try our hardest to keep it clean, and you should too! Here are some of our favorite sustainable products.
These copper sponges take on tough grime without falling apart! This will save you countless flimsy yellow and green sponges. Fine copper threads loosen even the most stubborn dirt carefully – because copper is a soft metal that is non-abrasive. When used in wet conditions, it will leave no scratches on enamel and ceramic cooktops.
If you don't have one of these already, take this as your sign! Just imagine, if a single person were to use a plastic straw every day for the next ten years, there would be 3,650 straws worth of landfill! Keep a reusable straw in your purse, backpack, fanny pack, and basically every bag you own! 
Reusable veggie bags are a great one time purchase. Plastic bags are consumed at a rate of 500 billion to 1 trillion per year. Feel great about buying fruits & veg when you put them in their special little bag! Did I mention they're washable?
Corkcircles have a wide mouth to add ice cubes, are made from stainless steel, have easy-grip flat sides, are BPA and lead free, have a non-slip bottom, are vacuum sealed, and are triple insulated to maintain the starting temperature. This makes them perfect for beach wine, instead of bringing glass or one-use plastic cups.
Dishcloth - White
Dishcloths come and go. They get stained, fall apart, and rip. These cloths are biodegradable so once they're all used up, they won't ever see a landfill!
Check out our Eco-Cleaning collection and vamp up your kitchen in a productive, sustainable way! Eco-Cleaning products are also an amazing holiday gift for friends and family. Feel good about contributing to less waste and not buying gifts that will one day end up in the landfill! 

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