Friends NYC of Brooklyn, NY Gift Shop Co-Founders + Best Friends Mary Meyer and Emma Kadar-Penner in Mexico City

Emma & Mary Take Mexico City - New CDMX Products Drop at Friends NYC

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Who doesn't love an adventure to a new country? Our world is full of so much culture and art and possibility. When Friends NYC owners Emma Kadar Penner and Mary Meyer travel together, they are on the hunt for unusual and handmade goods, with the intention to support international makers and to bring home unique gift items for the shop. These trips inspire new ideas and growth at Friends that you, our BFFs, get to experience right along with us! Plus, it deepens any friendship to travel together. 10/10 Recommend!

Check out the treasures they found on their most recent trip to Mexico City, and read on for a little BTS and travel advice...

What made you want to visit Mexico City? 

MM: It’s been on our list a long time because we had heard so much about what a great city it was. The first version of this trip was planned for March 2020, but that was canceled! It was great to finally have the opportunity to go. 

What was your favorite thing about the city/culture? 

MM: The food!! We were completely obsessed. And also all the art on the street, hand painted signs and murals. 

EKP: Also the bright colors and historic buildings - there’s eye candy everywhere.

What type of handmade / artistry did you find in Mexico City? 

EKP: Mexico produces many different types of items and it’s regional, so for example many of the textiles we bought are from Oaxaca. What we love about all of it is the quality of the craftsmanship.

MM: Things you would expect like adorable ceramics and baskets, but also cheeky weird things like tiny handmade food magnets - so cute!

Oh yes, like this Instant Ramen Magnet! 

mini ramen magnet

Or if you're feeling saucy, Hornitos Tequila or Marlboro Reds! 

mini funny novelty food magnets made in mexico

What do international buying trips add to your store?

EKP: International buying trips add something unique to our assortment. It's a way for us to find products that others won't have, plus it allows us to support artisans, which we also love to do locally. Travel also inspires creativity and our trip to CDMX ended up inspiring the art direction for most of the year (an unanticipated boon!).

More Goodies Available from The Trip:

Mexican Mini Woven Baskets



Mini Novelty Box Grater



And what is your top travel tip for the readers and friends?

EKP: Top travel trip is eat as much as you can! You can learn so much about a place from its cuisine. In Mexico city there was street food everywhere and we made sure to try all of it.

There you have it! Shop the entire CDMX Collection here and then call your bestie to daydream about future trips together. The world is your oyster!