Friends Favorite Picks!

Friends Favorite Picks!

By: Ebony Baker

      Friends Picks are back!  We're so excited to share with you some of our favorite products and brands - from products to assist in your self-care routine to items that are great additions to your wardrobe, Friends NYC has you covered. Keep scrolling to read more about some our favorite and freshly restocked items.

Jade Stone Rollers Are No longer a Beauty Secret!

In the name of self-care, I dub Jade Rollers one of the best tools to use for your at-home spa early morning, day and nightly skincare routine. With properties both soothing and purifying, Jade Stone Rollers provide a gentle pressure that helps to stimulate circulation within the face leaving the facial muscles more relaxed, decreased puffiness, and under-eye circles; not to mention it minimizes the look of fine lines! This best-kept beauty secret is finally out and is available here at Friends NYC! 

Victorian Brass Snake Ring slithers to The Top!

To accessorize or to not accessorize that is the question! Here at Friends NYC, we have the answer, ALWAYS ACCESSORIZE. Today, our pick is our Victorian Brass Snake RingThis ring, which is made in the USA, is cast from a vintage Victorian ring and we love this nod to the past. The Victorians associated snake rings with eternal love, so it's the perfect gift for a loved one. Plus, the turquoise snake stone eyes give it just the right pop of color. Wear the Victorian Brass Snake Ring with a basic tee and jeans or with a dressier outfit. It's the perfect addition to any look. 

The Seamless Brami Bra - a Match Made in Heaven! 

Here at Friends, we appreciate a good pairing - Bennifer, TomKat, Brangelina just to name a few. Unfortunately, these iconic pairs are no longer together *sad face* but luckily we have a match made in heaven. Introducing everyone’s favorite bra and cami pairing; The Seamless Brami Bra! Perfect for pairing with your favorite tee or, for a sexier look, wear it on it's own. Whether you are going out to brunch or lounging at home, the Brami Bar will keep you stylish and comfortable!

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense Welcomes You Home

Friends NYC believes in adding good vibes and balance to your home. To promote this balance, and to help expel unwanted energy, we have a variety of incense to make your home feel balanced and also smelling divine! One of these scents is our Nag Champa Incense, which happens to be one of our longest selling products at the store. Originating in India, Nag Champa hasa strong earthy scent of herbs, floral extracts, and oils, this incense is hand-wrapped onto bamboo sticks that will give your home that zen feel for up to 45 minutes.

Dilo Basil, Mint and Lavender Candle - a Candle Straight From The Garden

We know our friends and customers love candles just as much as we do! One of our all time favorites is the Dilo Basil, Mint, and Lavender CandleWith its scent of fresh-picked basil, refreshing mint, and soothing lavender from the garden, this candle is sure to send a surge of comfort and tranquility to your home. Dilo makes it's candles using cotton wicks with no lead cores, for safer, cleaner-burning and all of their candles are made in the USA with American soy wax and chemical-free. As one of our best sellers, we know you will love this beautiful candle as it transforms your home into a French herb garden for up to 50 hours. Enjoy!


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