Friends NYC ICONIC Tattoo Party is Back! Meet St. Kenia & FRAMACHO, Your Tattoo Artists Here!

Friends NYC ICONIC Tattoo Party is Back! Meet St. Kenia & FRAMACHO, Your Tattoo Artists Here!

It’s tattoo & shop times, lovers! That’s right! For the first time since Covid, our ICONIC tattoo party is back. We’ve missed this event so much, but the wait is over. St. Kenia and FRAMACHO will be in the shop ready with Flash sheets. When you spend $50 at Friends, you can get a $50 flash tattoo. Who are these rad humans ready to tatt you up? Read on to learn more about them, and then join us on June 23rd from 6 pm – 9 pm. We will also be serving free natural wine provided by Eater Wine Club.



erika st.kenia


Hey, Erica! Tell us about the road that led you here to tattooing.

I learned how to tattoo about 5 years ago. Before that I worked in nightlife, before that I worked in fashion, and before that (completely unrelated to everything of course) I went to Parsons and studied communication design. That’s what brought me to New York. This city has a way of taking you down unexpected roads and I feel that sometimes, when you’re trying to find your way, it’s the journey that matters most. At least it has for me.

That’s so true. How would you describe your style? Who or what inspires you?

I’ve always drawn and it’s funny but, my style really hasn’t changed much over the years. When I first started getting tattoos, I didn’t see anything that looked like my weird little line drawings. Most shops (including the one I worked at briefly as a “shop girl”) were focused on more traditional work, and often that came along with traditional attitudes. Luckily for me, tattooing has changed drastically over the last couple years. The industry has practically exploded with new styles, friendlier spaces, and more than ever seems focused on client comfort, diversity, and inclusion. For someone who has always supported body mods, seeing these changes inspired me. I’m still inspired. There are so many talented artists out there, especially in New York. Some of my favorites include Carson Foley, Jon Parmesan, Sklaw, Jennifer Palomaa, Babysfirstcig, Mommyissue, Glossy, Sun Doesn’t Set, and many many more.

Where can we find you tattooing?

These days I happily plug away at the studio with my fellow tattooer, Francisca Silva, better known as Framacho, and multimedia artist, Rose Lazar (Cosmic Peace Studio). We run a private space dubbed Permanent Daydream in the heart of Bushwick. There I do a fair amount of flash but definitely spend most of my time on custom pieces- fine line drawings of cityscapes, intricate florals, first cars, window scenes, celebrity portraits- to name a few of my faves. Working on a drawing that is personal, that really means something to someone, and then finding the perfect spot to put it forever, is an honor.

Here is some of St. Kenia's Work:

What was your first tattoo?

Doing first tattoos are also really special. I’m always flattered and want their experience to be so awesome. Mine was kinda weird and embarrassing. I got my first tattoo at Andromeda on St. Marks. A star behind each ear. I was so excited. My tattooer was kinda rough and barely talked to me, but on the flip side I didn’t know enough to tip. On the train ride home people were definitely shooting me glances. I was still feeling pretty cool until I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window and saw that my bandages had come untaped and were splayed open like bloody, plastic dog ears. Nothing like presenting a hepatitis scare to get people to notice you. I tend to recall this little memory every time I put Tegaderm on someone’s neck or someone neglects to tip.

That’s hilarious and horrifying! We love it. Thanks so much for sharing.

And now…




FRAMACHO is Francisca Silva. (She/they) Born in Italian Switzerland from political refugees from Chile in 1984, they now live and work in Brooklyn and around the world. As a multimedia artist, tattooing is just another medium that organically happened in their artistic career. FRAMACHO says the first years of tattooing were highly experimental in the sense of WTF are you even doing? Though, they’ve been at this a long time, a little less than 4 years ago, they finally quit all side gigs and have been focusing on tattooing as main income source. As a kid who was always drawing and writing (always), this all makes a lot of sense.

Hi Fra! Thanks for sharing about your road to tattooing. Can you tell us the story of the first tattoo you ever got yourself?

Stick n poke with sewing needle and thread. The name of the first girlfriend. I was 16 years old.

What artists inspire you? Either tattoo artists or otherwise?

Basically anybody making art! If you’re expressing yourself in some visual art way, I’ll have a look at it and learn something new.

What kind of tattoo work do you like to do?

I love back pieces and also tiny tattoos!

Any crazy stories about any tattoos you’ve given?

This customer traveled 6 hours by train to finish their back piece and I realized 1 hour before they would arrive that I had forgotten to order black ink. I was at my mother’s in Switzerland and it was a Sunday so…I mixed my own black out of the colors I had and voilà!

Here it is: 


If you had to pick a motto to live by in this day and age, what would it be and why?

Try to be a decent human being always cause there’s not much time left.

Ain’t that the truth?! Thanks, Fra!

Here is some of their work:


We can’t wait to see you out at Friends NYC on June 23rd at 6 pm! Come get your shop on and get a tattoo from one of these two wonderful artists!

Check out the flash sheets for the party here:

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