#FRIENDSFOCUS: Olivia Tinnin - Illustrator

#FRIENDSFOCUS: Olivia Tinnin - Illustrator
This week we've gotten together with one of our models, Olivia Tinnin to chat more about her work and style! 
Olivia Tinnin graduated from Florida State University in 2017 with a BFA in drawing and printmaking. Her current illustrations are playful and simplistic with an emphasis on molding a world filled with thoughtful and introspective characters.

Becca: What's the most recent thing that has inspired you?

Olivia: I am currently teaching myself 2D animation so I have been watching a variety of work. Victoria Vincent, Lester Chan, and Jenn Strickland are my current animation heroes. This past week, I watched My Neighbor Toroto for the first time and I was completely blown away. Hayao Miyazaki’s sincere storytelling and beautifully crafted worlds will always leave me in awe.


B: How do you get into the zoneeee to start drawing?

O: I work best when I am alone and at night time with music or a show going on in the background. 


B: What are your fave mediums?

O: Ink and graphite have my heart but digital painting is growing on me a lot!


B: How has your art changed throughout your career?

O: When I attended school I focused on intuitive drawing methods. I built my own iconographic alphabet of abstracted figures both friendly and disarming. When I left school, I recognized I wanted to move in a more technical drawing direction with more explicit illustrative styling. My illustrations are still simplistic but are becoming more grounded in a traditional character and world building design.  

 new york apartment

B: When it comes to fashion what are your priorities? 

O: Most of my clothes are secondhand from thrift stores or close friends. I try to not buy new things because fast fashion is the second most wasteful industry after oil. I wear a lot of black with priority in comfort, simplicity, and the shapes you can create through different ranges of fitted material. Lately, I am trying to be more adventurous with color and accessories like earrings and body chains.


B: What's are your fave spots in Bushwick?

O: Bunna Café, Los Hermanos, and Carmelo’s are my favorite places to eat and drink right now!


B: How can someone reach out to collab or find your work?

O: To find my most recent work, my Instagram is the best site at this time: @oh_____no. To collaborate, you can email me at oliviatinnin@gmail.com

Here at friends we love working with upcoming local artists and Olivia is one of our favorites! You can find all of her personally styled looks here!  

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