Victoria Rose Adrian is a Brooklyn based tailor and embroidery artist. She works out of a studio in Bushwick that happens to be right next door of Friends :)  She will be in shop tonight hand-embroidering your favorite Lazy Oaf items.  We asked her our friends survey so you can get to know her before the event!

          #friendsfocus Victoria Rose Adrian; Lazy Oaf X Friends


How did you get into embroidery?

Long story short, my dad taught me how to sew when I was in middle school - I was really into the Grateful Dead so I would design and create 60’s inspired clothes with appliqué designs.

This eventually lead to fashion school in San Francisco and then onto New York where I worked at Loren Manufacturing as a tailor in Brooklyn.

I learned to operate a lot of different machines necessary for tailoring and construction of a garments.

Learning the chain stitch machine was different for me - I felt as if I was able to express creatively in a way I’ve never really experienced before, where the other machines main objectives were for construction and technical uses. The beauty in chain stitching is the imperfections and the opportunity to really create your own individual style. 

#friendsfocus Victoria Rose Adrian; Lazy Oaf X Friends

Can you explain what chain stitching is to those who don't know?

Chain stitch embroidery is a technique that consists of one thread that interlocks creating a raised and unique stitch. I 'hand crank' the machine by a handle beneath the table and it controls the direction of the needle therefore stitch (think a combination of etch-a-sketch and tattooing).  The use of chain stitch machines were very popular back in the 50’s/60’s on bowling shirts or varsity jackets and in western wear/suiting. The machine can also produce a chenille or moss stitch embroidery by simply flipping the needle around and twisting a small gauge beneath.

#friendsfocus Victoria Rose Adrian; Lazy Oaf X Friends


What inspires you?

To be honest I’m not really sure it changes almost every day for me.  I did start viewing the world a bit different after I started embroidering.  I began to notice imagery and signage a lot more on the streets of NYC.  I started seeing things in terms of how it would look embroidered and if technically it would be possible.  I recently started rug tufting this past year and its happening all over again.  So maybe for me right now I’m more inspired by the actual process of making a piece than the finished product.

#friendsfocus Victoria Rose Adrian; Lazy Oaf X Friends

We are very excited to have you at our Lazy Oaf pop-up! What designs will you be doing for the event?

I’m super excited as well! We will be offering classic script monograms. The script is actually my personal handwriting so it gives a very ‘hand done’ unique feel to the embroidery. 

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