#friendsfocus with Justin Jenkins

#friendsfocus with Justin Jenkins

Since summer is our favorite season here at Friends, wen are MORE than stoked to have an awesome summer look book.  SPF 420 is the brainchild of our bestie, Kat Annick and her husband, Justin Jenkins.  Shot at Rockaway, Kat & Justin have wrapped all of our summer dreams into a very very SICK look book.


What was your inspiration for SPF 420?

Well the idea itself was all my wife Katherine's. She's really the mastermind. I just kind of assisted and piggy backed off her vision. We were def thinking sophisticated beach bum vibes.

How did you get into design?
I've been drawing my whole life, and it wasn't until after college I decided to choose design. Started making graphics for T-shirts and things kind of evolved from there. I kept working until my bad designs started to look good lol
What other designers are you stoked about?
My favorite designer at the moment may be Warren Lotas. I love how dark his work is, and it has this humorous aspect to it that I can really relate to.
What’s your next project? 
Right now we are working on the Aint No Future In Ya Frontin' campaign. It's a collection of products and content meant to introduce a greater story and narrative. But in a chill, fun kind of way. 

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