Croc Cat Sticker by artist Ping Hatta - features a yellow croc shoe on top of cats head as if it is a hat. Makes a cute gift!

Happy International Cat Day 2022! Cat Gift Guide For the Cat Lover in Your Life

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Calling all Cool Cats! It’s International Cat Day 2022, and we here at Friends NYC think cats are the cutest and obviously the coolest (and smartest and silliest). How are you all celebrating International Cat Day? Who are the cat lovers and cat moms and cat dads on your gift list? We’ve got the perfect gifts for cat owners, so you can check that off your to do list and bask in the glory of all things cat.

Oh cats, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways… We love how lazy you are, lounging peacefully in the sunny spots and weird corners and crevices in our apartments, but how you will cut a dog if crossed. We should all pay attention to how our furry friends model consent. You can pet them and scratch them and love them on THEIR terms. But when they do let you in, the cuddles and snuggles and sweetness can’t be beat.

sushi cat keychain

But back to the cat gifts! We have so many silly cat products (like a Sushi Cat Keychain???) in our store and online because when I say we love cats, I REALLY mean WE LOVE CATS! They are HISS-terical with PURR-sonality for days!

Show love for your cat peeps with a CAT HAT! From crocheted cat hats to cat costumes, we gotchu. Cats love cat hats!

Cat Cap Kirby Costume

kirby cat cap

These cat hats are just the cutest thing and have been a long-time best seller at Friends. Perfect for the video game cat lover in your life. The character you receive is a surprise! So many PAW-sibilities!

Cat Cap Flower Hat

cat hat flower

Cats in hats are just PURRFECT. But these pretty petaled caps bring out the delicate beauty we know is deep deep down in all our feline friends.

crochet mushroom hat cat funny costume

Cats don’t really need our help being cool, but they don’t know how to buy stuff on the internet, so grab a mushroom cap and help keep them stylin’ with the current mushroom trend

Catnip Jointscatnip jointCats on catnip is one of the most entertaining things ever. Imagine the photo ops with this hysterical made in Brooklyn catnip joint. Catnip and Chill, Kitty Cats (after going totally bonkers).

the empress cat sticker tarot

We’ve also got cat cards, cat socks, cat stickers, cat everything for you to peruse and make your cat people the happiest in the world on this most auspicious day. 

Pour yourselves a Meow-tini and find a sunny spot! Happy International Cat Day, Fur-ends!