Happy PRIDE, bbs! Shop and support Callen-Lorde!

Happy PRIDE, bbs! Shop and support Callen-Lorde!

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Happy PRIDE month, y’all!

Friends NYC supports the LGBTQ+ community all year long, but we love to say it loud and proud during the month of June. Pride Month is exactly what it sounds like - PRIDE over shame. It’s the promotion of self-affirmation, dignity, equality and increased visibility. It’s all about celebration! Last year the Pride Parade in NYC was cancelled, but this year it’s going off! We’ve got a Pride Collection at Friends NYC to get you started or to supplement what you’ve already got going strong. And we are proud to say that a portion of sales will go to Callen-Lorde ALL MONTH! This will be our third fundraiser for Callen-Lorde and we are thrilled to be able support such an important organization.

Rainbow Enamel Band Ring

Why do we celebrate Pride in June?

June marks the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City. In the early morning hours of June 28th, 1969, there was a police raid at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. What followed was a series of demonstrations from the LGBTQ+ community. This uprising launched a new era of resistance. And while we’ve come a long way, there is still much work to be done!

What is Callen-Lorde and what do they do?

Callen-Lorde is the only primary care center in NYC specifically catered to the LGBTQ+ community. It is named in honor of Michael Callen and Audre Lorde. In addition to primary care, women's health, transgender health, health outreach to teens (HOTT), STI testing and dental, they also provide comprehensive mental health care. Callen-Lorde is dedicated to providing quality care regardless of a person’s ability to pay. What a treasure to the city and community! By shopping at Friends in June, you will also support this most important institution.

Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the Music!

Today the celebration is parades and parties; symposiums & workshops; concerts & more. We remember folx from the community lost to hate crimes and HIV/AIDS, and we stand proudly in who we are. The purpose of this month is to celebrate the contributions LGBTQ+ community have made to our world, nationally and internationally.

Love Wins!


Get the party started with the Neon Rainbow Beaker!

There are one thousand and one ways to show your support this month. So, get shopping, get busy, and keep fighting the good fight.