Meet Our #VIF Daphni Edwards!

Meet Our #VIF Daphni Edwards!

We caught up with our very important friend (VIF) and flight attendant, Daphni Edrwards, on what inspires her, three things she can’t live without, and her favorite places to fly - plus learn more on why she chose Children of Promise as her non-profit benefactor for this month’s VIF partnership! Shop Daphni's Top 20 here and use her code DAPHNIVIF for 20% off + 5% of every order goes towards Children of Promise. 

Currently living in: Brooklyn, NY

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Insta Handle: @yungjetlag

I am a: Flight attendant!

Go to self care rituals: Painting my nails, lighting candles, watching ASMR/mukbang vids, practicing gratitude :)

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Rice with rasam, fish fry, and mango pickle. 

Next vacation destination ASAP: I’m dying to visit Palawan (the Philippines) and Egypt!

Fashion trend I’m crushing on: Telfar bags 

Meet our #vif Daphni Edwards!   Meet our #vif Daphni Edwards!

Who is your female muse / major inspo? Vashtie and M.I.A. 

3 essentials you can’t live without: White AF1s, shea butter, and hot sauce.

If it was Rupaul’s Best Friend Race, which Queen would be your BFF?: Wowww so embarrassing, I’ve never seen one episode of that show, cancel me!!!

Favorite Girl Group of All Time: Destiny’s Child.

Last Instagram account I followed? @biablooms: a Black woman-owned floral boutique in LA. Bia makes really colorful, dreamy bouquets that I love seeing pop up on my TL. She was also featured in the music video to Jay-z & Pharrell’s new song “Entrepreneur.”

Hate when: A rat runs on the sidewalk I’m on.

Love when: AOC says literally anything.

Tell me about why you picked Children of Promise? CPNYC is a local organization here in Bedstuy that embraces and empowers children that have incarcerated parents by offering mental health services, after-school care, tutoring, and mentoring. I really admire their mission & very important work of ending/addressing the cycle of incarceration that especially plagues Black & Brown communities & I love kids! 

As a flight attendant ~ which destination has been the best perk of the job? Ahhh, this is like asking a parent which child is their fave. I’ve been blessed to see a lot of cool places. Nice, London, Rome, and Accra are some of my favorite layovers. Lihue and Tokyo were also very dope! But honestly, one of the best perks is being able to visit and build deeper connections with my family & friends that are scattered around the world. 

 Meet our #vif Daphni Edwards!   Meet our #vif Daphni Edwards!

Favorite thing to do when you’re ‘grounded’? SLEEP. But also read, journal, try new recipes, smother my cat with unwanted kisses, binge Love Island UK, and catch up with friends <3

Shop Daphni's Top 20 here and use her code DAPHNIVIF for 20% off + 5% of every order goes towards Children of Promise.