Meet Our #VIF Kirah Tabourn

Meet Our #VIF Kirah Tabourn

For this VIF, all the stars were aligned!  Meet Kirah Tabourn, an astrologist, writer, educator and creator!  We caught up with Kirah in LA (in her hammock) on her middle school astrology readings, Love Island UK, Issa Rae and what’s on her horizon in 2021.  Plus find out why The Loveland Foundation is her non-profit benefactor of choice! (Hint: adequate healthcare for Black Women is important!).  Shop Kirah’s TOP 20 here and use her code KIRAHVIF for 20% off + 5% of all sales goes towards The Loveland Foundation.

Currently living: Lovely Northeast LA.

Preferred Pronouns: she/they

I am: An astrologer, author, educator, & creative and the Director of Fresh Voices In Astrology.

Kirah Tabourn

Go to self care when you’re feeling that lingering 2020 anxiety: smoking an herbal j in my hammock listening to my favorite playlist.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Veggie burritos.

Next vacation destination ASAP (post pandemic ofc): Eurotrip 2022 (hopefully). I’m tryna travel throughout the Mediterranean.

Fashion trend I’m crushing on rn: I’m a huge tiedye fan. My duvet cover is custom tiedyed!

the strologist


Who is an influential female muse /or major inspo in your life? Issa Rae. Ive been a fan since she was donig Awkward Black Girl on Youtube. It’s amazing to see what she’s accomplished! 

3 essentials you can’t live without: blankets, a portable speaker, mood lighting.

Just finished binging [TV series, Podcast, Book]: Finishing up Love Island UK Sesaon 6! 

Favorite Girl Group of All Time: Destiny’s Child.

Last instagram account you followed? @axelmansoor who is the current icon for Clubhouse and hosts the Lullaby Club on there! 

Stressed when: My to-do list is overwhelming which is LITERALLY ALWAYS.

Kirah Tabourn the strologist

Impressed when: Someone gets my aesthetic, whether it be sending me a song they know I’d like, or picking out a gift that fits me perfectly.

Anything new you’ve been working on or excited to see come to life in 2021 you wanna share? The Strology School is launching March 1st! That includes my new Fundamentals Course, The Eleventh House which is a membership community, and more to come. I’m also writing a book to be released in 2022, and hoping to bring my magazine, NFLUX back next year too.

When did you know you were meant to practice astrology and share it with others? I was practicing and sharing it from as long as I can remember (in middle school I was telling girls who they’d be most compatible with), but it was when I was working in advertising (and hating it) that I realized what I really needed to be doing was serving people with astrology. 

Kirah Tabourn


What takeaways do you hope your clients and followers take away from your work in the astro space? I hope my work makes people excited about astrology and the potential for good it can ignite in their lives. It is a tool that can be used in so many different ways, and engaging with it can make life richer and slightly more manageable to navigate. 

You recently relocated to LA from NYC, how has it impacted your life and practice? It’s been incredible! Having my own space for the first time in my life, and so much of it at that, has really changed my life for the better. Everything I do is very non-linear, so having the time and space to explore what work schedule is best for me has been a true blessing. 

Tell us why you picked The Loveland Foundation as your non-profit? Adequate healthcare for Black Women is so desperately needed! While its beginning to be less stigmatized, access is still a barrier for a lot of women. Loveland is an incredible organization helping to provide care to more Black women, and I’m all about it!

Kirah Tabourn

How can we book a reading with you?  What would you consider your astro specialty? You can get on my mailing list! We send an email out every month when my schedule opens up for the following month. I may or may not be taking readings over the next few months, depending on how busy I am! In terms of specialty, I’m definitely a forecaster! I love looking into someone’s past and future to help them orient themselves on their path. I also love teaching and helping folks make better sense of their chart and lives.

Where can we find you on the internet and beyond?,, @thestrology on IG and Clubhouse and @thestrology_ on Twitter. @nfluxmag on IG and twitter…. That’s it for now!