Must Be The Season of the Scrunchie

Must Be The Season of the Scrunchie

From the high pony of scrunchie mega-stan Hailey Bieber to Jason Momoa's wrist, from J.Lo's Bun to Cardi's concerts- it's undeniable that this oversized hair helper is having a major fashion moment.

Started as a kinder-to-your-follicles alternative to the elastic, extra large scrunchies had a major moment in the 80's & 90's with everyone from Madonna to Demi Moore to all our favorite Friends sporting them.

Large Polka Dot Scrunchie, Large Black Scrunchie

Flash forward to 2020, and the oversized version are gracing red carpets and runways once again. Our favorite versions are soft, silky and oversized! Shop them all right here.

Jason Momoa, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber

Our Large Pink Scrunchie

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Bella Thorne and Dakota Johnson

Large Black Scrunchie, Large Cream Scrunchie


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