Sunday Spotlight: Lindsey from La Lune Healing

This week we got a chance to talk with Lindsey Garant from La Lune Healing. She's a small business owner and practices Reiki, a form of stress reduction healing, which she incorporates into her products. All of her products are made with eco-friendly materials right here in Brooklyn. One of our most popular items right now is the Third EYE Pillow, so we had to reach out to her and learn more about it!

Lindsey Garant


How did you start your business?

I worked in the design industry for over 15 years, although it served as a creative outlet for me in the beginning of my career, I always knew there was something missing. It took me a few years of struggle and soul searching to figure it out. During that time I sought out multiple healing modalities to help guide me through the process. Such as Meditation, Breathwork and Energy Healing. And as soon as I found Reiki, I knew I had found my purpose. I decided to get certified and slowing started my reiki practice. At that exact same time, I lost my job and decided to jump head first into building my own business. I wanted my business to be a reflection of who I am. By merging my spiritual background and healing practice along with staying true to my design aesthetic and build a fun self-care and wellness line. It's now been about a year and I feel blessed to be doing what I love.
How did you incorporate Reiki into your Third EYE Pillows?
Reiki is a healing energy that can be infused into any object, space, time or person. Before I start any project, I cleanse and infuse healing energy into all my materials before I work with them.  
Eye Pillows
Why did you choose to add an amethyst into each pillow?
The Third EYE Pillow, although it has multiple uses, was made specifically for your 6th chakra which is your "Third Eye" Chakra. This connects you to your intuition, wisdom and visualization. I choose the Amethyst Crystal specifically because it is associated with the Third eye. It helps to balance the physical, mental and emotional bodies and helps facilitate sense of spirituality and contentment. 
Any advice for someone trying to get into meditation and reiki practices?
My advice is to go at your own pace and to always be kind to yourself. And to have no expectations!! Everyone is different and will have their own experiences. We can't compare our journey to anyone else's.  The more open you are to the experience, the easier it is to let go and receive. The more you let go and bring your awareness into the present moment the easier your healing sessions will be.
What's your favorite part about being your own boss?
I love the fact that I get to do what I love and I get to put all my time and energy into MY business. For far too long I poured all my energy into building other brands. Now I get to do that for myself and it's the most rewarding feeling! 
F8ck Off Smudge Spray
Come check out our huge selection of crystals, other wellness and self-care products, and the Third EYE Pillow at our Bushwick storefront. We also carry other healing products from La Lune such as the lavender smudge sticks with a quartz crystal, and the F*ck Off smudge spray! Get in touch with your third eye by following Lindsey @lalunehealing on Instagram or scheduling a healing session at her brooklyn location.
Treat yourself, you deserve it~
~Becca Griffin

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