Trimming the Tree: Food Holiday Ornaments at Friends NYC

Trimming the Tree: Food Holiday Ornaments at Friends NYC

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Calling all foodies, food lovers, and hungry people alike! Have some fun with your ornaments, and move beyond the traditional balls and tinsel. Make your tree unique and, dare we say, TASTY! We are proud to introduce our Foodie Ornaments for the 2022 Holiday Season. Fake food is a fave novelty category here at Friends NYC, so you better expect we’d deliver for the holidays!

Fake food ornaments are also a great holiday host gift or the perfect addition to your white elephant exchanges.

Feast your eyes upon the following available online or in-store!

Croissant Sandwich

This has got to be the most realistic looking fake food ornament to date here at the Friends NYC Holiday Shop! The croissant sandwich ornament is actually made from foam so you can really feel that detail. Great to feature on the tree wherever a child or pet could reach as you don’t need to worry about it breaking. Order up this tasty holiday ornament up in 3 styles: all meat, egg + tomato, and egg + meat.


Memorialize one of the most delicious dishes on the planet. Lasagna for the win! Gift this glass and glitter ornament to your Italian grandma or your Garfield-loving friend. The realistic 15 layer cheese and sauce delight will leave ya drooling.

Stick of Butter

The best seller returns! Major Regina George vibes. All we can think is, “Is butter a carb?” This food ornament is so realistic, styled after a traditional stick of American butter, you’ll try to take the wax paper right off! 

Matzo Ballin

This cutie SOLD OUT last year. Not all ornaments are for Christmas ;) Decorate your Hanukkah bush, and lean into the Chrismukkah spirit! Display your matzo ball soup love on your Christmas or Chrismakuh tree. This food ornament is colored in a bright, metallic blue, adorned with the phrase “Matzo Ballin” and a Star or David in glitter. Served best with love.

Cup of Noodles

The OG in the Instant noodle game is now available in ornament flavor! Designed as a replica, this ornament features a fully preserved glitter version of the noodle soup, seasoning, and iconic Cup of Noodle branding. Just as tasty today as it was back in college. 

Pickle with Santa Hat

Upgrade your ornamental Christmas pickle to this real glass holiday ornament this year! Santa hat and all! You may have heard the origin of the Christmas pickle being from the Civil War or as a long-standing German tradition as a gift presented to Santa Claus. Wherever it came from it is silly af and you gotta love it. Silvered on the inside so the ornament has super vivid coloring.

Purple Cabbage

There sure are a lot of carbs during the holidaze. Maybe your tree needs their veggies too! The purple cabbage makes a delectable fake food glass ornament. Ideal on a Christmas tree in a foodie household or someone who just really appreciate a farmers market. The bold dark purple shade will be a stand out in your holiday decor! 

Find even more cute and novel ornaments in our entire collection of holiday ornaments here. 

And we hope you have a safe holiday season full of food and friends and fun!