Valentine's Day Gift Guide - XOXO

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - XOXO
Whether you love or hate Valentine's Day, it's coming up soon in full force. Maybe you're celebrating with roses and wine with your boo or maybe you're chillin' in your undies at home with some candles and a rom-com. At Friends you'll find something for everyone, even for the person who swears they don't want anything. : )
~For Your Bae~
I Effing Love You Dish
This precious ceramic dish is perfect for your special someone. Every time they grab their keys or maybe a piece of candy, they'll be reminded of how much you effing love them! 
Large Crystal Ring
You can never go wrong with gifting a piece of jewelry. You can get one for your boo, or grab a pair and get all matchy-matchy! 
~For Your BFF~
Goober Candles
These cute, silly, blob candles are handmade in Brooklyn. A sweet little reminder for your BFF that you love and embrace their weirdness.
Lazy Oaf Heart Repeat Tee
You already know we love coordinating with our BFFs. This sweet top can go with basically any outfit, and the flattering cut looks great on anyone!
~Just For You~
Julia Roberts Pretty Woman
Eyes Wide Shut Mask
Treat yourself to a lazy Sunday with this comfy satin mask. It's lined with blackout fabric so not even the brightest sunrise will interrupt your much deserved day off.
Light House Oil Diffuser
First thing in the morning, Marie Kondo changes the air of her space by lighting incense or using an oil diffuser. If it works for her, it works for us too! Relax and refresh with aromatherapy. 
Still looking for more ideas? Pop into our Bushwick store and browse hundreds of curated gifts, vintage clothing, and jewelry. Our creative and friendly sales team will help you find the perfect gift for anyone you love. <3
Vintage Valentine

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