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Small Log Cabin Incense and Burner - Balsam Fir

Small Log Cabin Incense and Burner - Balsam Fir

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Just about the cutest incense burner around. Light one of the 10 included incense sticks and set it inside the cabin and watch the smoke swirl out of the chimney. Each incense stick burns for approximately 15 minutes! Fills your home with the beautiful scent of natural balsam. Refill incense pack available here.

Paine's has been making incense since 1931. First, balsam branches are brought to Paine's by local woodsmen and then the balsam is ground and dried. It is next pressed into incense molds and dried again… That’s it! No chemicals are added to the incense, and it is 100% natural and sustainable! 

Size: 3.25" x 3.25"

Origin: Proudly made in Auburn, Maine.