poemotion 3 book
poemotion 3 book Takahiro Kurashima
 Takahiro Kurashima poemotion book
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Poemotion 3 Book

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Prepared to be mesmerized. This unique book — the third edition in the Poemotion series — is filled with 64 pages of designs by Takahiro Kurashima. 

Description: In the fall of 2016, the long-awaited third installment of Takahiro Kurashima’s series Poemotion will be published. In the previous edition, color was added; this time he goes back to the roots. Thirty abstract graphic and geometric shapes are brought to life by a black plastic foil. Only when it is laid on the paper do the shapes begin to dance, jump, spin and weave, the reader experiencing the impressive moiré-effect in a playful way.

Size: 6.8" x 0.3" x 9.2"