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Hematite - Small Crystal

Hematite - Small Crystal

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Get yourself some protection, from well, life - with hematite crystals. Find your balance, get rid of negatives vibes, boost self confidence and general grit. Highly recommended for empathy types so you can avoid taking on too much from others and be able to focus on yourself. One of the most effective grounding crystals for spell and ritual work. Hot tip: place hematite within your eye level at your work desk and get your focus on!

If you've got a lot to work to do in these realms, we suggest getting multiples to amplify the crystal's energy. Even more crystals are available in our Crystal Shoppe!

Associated chakras: Root and Solar Plexus chakras.

Associated zodiac: Aries, Aquarius, Taurus, Cancer.

Multiple crystals pictured, listing is for one crystal.

Origin: Imported.

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