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Relaxation C_D Lollipop

Relaxation C_D Lollipop

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Literally treat yourself with these sugar free relaxation lollipops. Coming in 5 elevated flavors - Honeydew, Prickly Pear, Sweet Woodruff, Paloma, and Bergamot - this is def a step up from blue raspberry or Mystery flavor ;) Each lollipop is loaded with 20 ML via its premium hemp oil. Lick until you reach ideal calmness. Great for folk that need a tactile fidget piece to settle their minds.

Gifting ideas: a grown up Halloween treat, stocking stuffer for adults, or a just because gift. 

Flavor Menu

Flavor Notes - Cooling melon, refreshing, subtle fruit, slightly floral
Mood - Bright lights, Tokyo dreams

Prickly Pear
Flavor Notes - Intense, juicy red fruit, floral, lightly acidic
Mood - Dreamy, mellow nights in Joshua Tree

Sweet Woodruff
Flavor Notes - classic cola, licorice, slightly herbal, honey-sweet
Mood - Carefree nights in Berlin

Flavor Notes - Ripe citrus, grapefruit, slightly sweet, tart
Mood - Sun-drenched, peaceful days on the coast of Mexico

Flavor Notes - Kaffir lime, lemon verbena, sweet citrus, floral, lightly acidic
Mood - Unexpected adventures in the sultry Mediterranean

Origin: Made in Los Angeles.

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