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Faucet Dangle Earring

Faucet Dangle Earring

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Get that literal DRIP, all they way from Paris, France, designed by niche tiny things designers of Brigitte Tanaka. Make an excellent conversation starter or gift for that eccentric someone in your life. The articulated earring mimics an older style faucet handle hardware. We love it. These quirky dangle earrings are only found here at Friends NYC in the United States, and restocks are not guaranteed.

If you are dropping by because you found us from @alykula on TikTok - hey new friend!!

Learn more about this truly special Parisian spot that we've brought to our little corner of Bushwick in our blog feature about Brigitte Tanaka.

Size: 1.25"

Materials: Gold-plated silver.

Origin: Made in France.

Brigitte Tanaka