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Clipper Lighter - Psychedelic Mushroom

Clipper Lighter - Psychedelic Mushroom

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We are all about these Clipper Lighters in Psychedelic Mushroom print wraps. Contrasting neon colors with black, the visual looks are striking. Clipper lighters look like disposable lighters but are highly durable and long-lasting. You'll also find a poker with each Psychedelic Mushroom lighter, which is great for packing on-the-go rolls.

Comes in four different styles, so if you have a preference let us know - or let us surprise you! Or get a pack of 4!

Size: 2.9" height, 0.62" width.

Materials: Durable nylon, refillable isobutane lighter fluid, replaceable flint.

Origin: Made in Spain, designed in the United States.