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Mini French Monuments Matches

Mini French Monuments Matches

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These are the cutest and tiniest mini matches, bearing images of the most famous Parisian monuments. Designed and created by the Parisian specializing in tiny wonders, Brigitte Tanaka. The mini box of matches come assorted, so you will be surprised and delighted by which monument you get!

Despite their tiny size, these matches pack a punch. They light up beautifully and, while they don't stay lit for long, they work really well.

Learn more about this truly special Parisian spot that we've brought to our little corner of Bushwick in our blog feature about Brigitte Tanaka.

Please note this is for one matchbook. If you'd like multiple matchbooks, please increase order quantity ;)

Size: 0.875" x 0.625"

Origin: Imported from France.

Brigitte Tanaka