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Love your Mother Earth Day Candle Candle - Earthday - Soy

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Love Your Mother Earth Day Candle

Good & Well Supply Co.

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Serve up major retro vibes with this special Love Your Mother candle - featuring design and typeset reminiscent of the 70s, when Earth Day was created. Celebrate Earth Day 2021 on April 22nd, with this collab soy wax candle between Good + Well Supply Co. & Oxford Pennet. Reminiscent of the Mother Earth we are paying respects to, the candle features crips evergreen forest notes of crushed pine and eucalyptus. Because it should be Earth Day everyday!

All of the candle vessel cans used for the Love Your Mother candle were imperfect and dented cans that weren't used during Good + Well's regular candle production. They decided to be greener than recycling & made use of 'em before they even got there. Given the nature of this product, please expect what you may normally consider imperfections - these are in fact a *feature* of the candle. A portion of all Love Your Mother Earth Day Candle sales are being donated to Earthjustice.

Click here to read more about the Friends Earth Day celebration!

Size: 8 oz (half pint)

Materials: Soy wax, tin vessel.

Origin: Made in the USA.

Good & Well Supply Co.