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Aura Quartz Crystal - Yellow Green

Aura Quartz Crystal - Yellow Green


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Can you feel the powerful vibrations coming out of this raw aura quartz crystal? Just wait until you get your hands on this! Aura quartz crystals are powerful in purpose and aesthetic. Created by combining natural raw quartz crystal with minerals like platinum and gold, the mineral type influences the coloration you see. More notably, it is this combo that makes this kind of quartz crystal have super charged vibrational energy, much more elevated that it's other quartz fam. Aura quartz crystals should for real be in your crystal collection & is one of the few "man made" crystals widely accepted for spiritual and healing use.

If you've got a lot to work to do in these realms, we suggest getting multiples or size up to amplify the crystals energy. Check out our entire Aura Quartz Crystal collection or explore our Crystal Shoppe for other goodies!

Size: Varies - approximately 1" to 2" in length.

Multiple crystals pictured, listing is for one crystal.

Origin: Imported.