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Ash + Chess Greeting Card Wedding Tarot 097 Ashupload -

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Wedding Tarot Greeting Card

Ash + Chess

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Tarot is a way that so many people engage with their spirituality and fortunetelling. This greeting card takes from that tradition, with a beautiful illustration of life's next steps after getting married. In a slightly updated style of a Rider Waite illustrated tarot deck, the front of card displays a car driving off into the sunset, with the bottom reading “Happily Ever After.l

Card is designed by Ashley Molesso.

We love Ash + Chess! Run by queer and trans couple Ashley Molesso (she/her) and Chess Needham (he/him). Enjoy their vibrant, bold, retro oriented palettes and designs.

Features a blank interior and purple matching envelope. 

Size: 4.25" x 5.5"

Materials: Cardstock. 

Origin: Made in USA.

Ash + Chess