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Cupcake Crystal - Rainbow

Cupcake Crystal - Rainbow

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Elevate your crystal collection game with these specially crafted cupcake crystal. Rough on top with a smooth, cylindrical shape on the bottom, these crystals add oomph to your ritual altar. Natural amethyst is treated with rainbow titanium plating to achieve the amazingly colorful tones throughout.Our crystal cupcakes are the perfect luxury home decor item.

This amethyst cupcake crystal will aid you with getting rid of bad energy in the home, acting as a supreme stress reliever. Keep this baby around and you'll be making better judgement calls, meditating more deeply, and really being honest with yourself. 

If you've got a lot to work to do in these realms, we suggest checking out our full Amethyst Crystal CollectionNeed to dive deeper? Even more crystals are available in our Crystal Shoppe!

Associated chakras: Third Eye and Crown chakras.

Associated Zodiac: Pisces

Sold individually. Please note that due to natural variation, individual cupcake crystal may feature crystal points, druze clusters, and other mineral deposits.

Size: Varies. Ranges between 1″- 2.5″ in length, always 1.5″ in width.

Materials: Color plated amethyst.

Origin: Imported.