Black Salt Witchy Xmas
Black Salt Witchy Xmas
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Energy Cleansing Black Salt

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Get witchy with black Salt and create boundaries, protect your space, assist with emotional & spiritual barriers. An extremely cleansing item to have in your magick arsenal. 

Some suggestions on how to use:

  • Sprinkle Black Salt across all of the doorways in your home. This provides protection and keeps a space clean, especially after smudging.
  • Cleanse your crystals: take a pinch of Black Salt + add crystal bag/chest. This will energetically clean your crystals so they are ready for optimal magick use. You can also lay crystals in a bed of Black Salt. Check out our Crystal Shoppe

Size: Approximately 4 ounces.

Materials: Black salt (sea salt & activated charcoal) - not for eating.

Origin: Assembled in New Mexico.