Let’s Get Trashed Pop Up Greeting Card Greeting Card
Let’s Get Trashed Pop Up Greeting Card Greeting Card

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Let's Get Trashed Pop Up Greeting Card

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Surprise your friends with a cheeky nod to the party animal in all of us with our "Let's Get Trashed" Pop Up Card. This cleverly designed card features a possum, popping out of a trash can, encouraging you to celebrate whatever! The fun begins when you pull the tab, and the playful message, "Let's Get Trashed," is revealed. Each card comes with a brown kraft envelope, reminiscent of classic paper trash bags, tying the whole theme together for a memorable send-off to any recipient ready to rumble in the rubbish.

  • 🗑️ Tab Pull Magic: Just pull to let the raccoon antics unfold.
  • 🦝 Pop Up Surprise: A playful raccoon pops up for a party invitation—or confession!
  • ✉️ Themed Envelope: Complete the experience with a matching kraft envelope.
  • 💌 Blank Slate: The front of the card is a clean canvas for your personalized note.

Good Gift For:

  • 🎉 Party Enthusiasts: For those who love a good time and a great laugh.
  • 🐾 Animal Lovers: Ideal for friends who find raccoons as adorable as cats.
  • 🍻 Fun-Loving Friends: Perfect for your buddy who's always ready to "get trashed" in the spirit of fun.
  • 🎁 Novelty Seekers: Anyone who appreciates a card that stands out from the pile.

Size: Fits inside 5” x 3.5”

Origin: Designed in the USA.

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