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Mini Ritual Candle Rainbow Set

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Whether you are just starting with rituals or looking for witchy gift, this ritual candle bundle is where it is at! In this bundle you will get 10 total mini magick candles, one of each color. You'll be ready to get started with whatever type of candle magick you need to make happen! Plus, you are also saving a lil green ;)

We advise learning about what colors represent what so you perform your spell or ritual optimally and intentionally.

Individual candles are also for sale & linked below:

Redvitality, will power and desires.

Orangeself confidence, optimism and success.

Yellowcommunications, trust and happiness.

Light & Dark Greenprosperity, fertility, luck and balance.

Light & Dark Bluepeace, creativity and patience.

Purplepsychic power, division and healing.

Blackregeneration, riddance and transition.

Whiteenlightenment, healing, purification and protection.

Size: 4", 10 candles total.

Origin: Imported.