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Miracle Bud Booklet

Miracle Bud Booklet

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Bring on the buzz! Consult the higher powers that be to see figure out your level of stoned with this humorous lil stoner book. Inside you’ll find the magic pot leaf, just place in your hand and see how it moves to determine whether you are buzzed, blazed or Zzzzz. Once you’ve figured that out, consult the rest of this parody book to find different activities you’d enjoy during a smoke sesh - like putting the dialogue to muted shows or the best cure-the-munchies microwave recipes. Plus, you get a ton of weed themed fun facts and funny weed jokes sprinkled throughout.

Ideal stoners for her or throughout the entire year as a gag gift. Def a well fitting stocking stuffer!

Size: 5.13” x 0.3” x 3.56”

Pages: 64 pages.

Simon and Schuster