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Natural Incense Cones - High Desert

Zouz Incense

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Breathe in desert air fragrance with the High Desert Natural Incense Cones by Zouz. A blend of white sage and lavender that will evoke the earthy, floral scents of the New Mexico desert. Best for setting the get it done mood for work and intellectual things. This incense mix also has the same smudge cleansing elements of white sage.

All Zouz incense cones are hand rolled, free of accelerants, non toxic, and contains zero charcoal. 

Burn in the Zouz designed Triangle Incense Burner.

Burn time: 20 minutes with fragrance lasting up to 8 hours.

Size: 8 cones. 3" x 3" box.

Origin: Made in the USA.

Zouz Incense