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Natural Mixologist No. 34 Rose Clay Face Mask Beauty, Face,
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Natural Mixologist No. 34 Rose Clay Face Mask

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Natural Mixologist's organic face masks in an on-the-go-size! Perfect for travel, for a gift, or for your own home spa day. The rose clay mask is perfect for hydration and exfoliation. Using the power of plants, it sucks out all the impurities and toxins that are stuck in the pores. With a delicate mix of rosehip powder, hibiscus powder, and chamomile flowers, the botanicals detoxify, leaving skin soft, smooth, and nourished. With the addition of organic rose geranium essential oil, this mask is a treat for your skin and your senses!

Size: 0.5 oz.

Ingredients: French pink clay, rosehip powder*, hibiscus powder, chamomile flower powder, and rose geranium oil (*organic)

Ritual for Mask: Take a ceramic bowl, mix a small amount of the mask (about ½ a tbsp) with about ½ tsp of hydrosol water, milk, or apple cider vinegar until you create a thick paste. Add more liquid if necessary. Apply the paste to a clean face and let dry (10-15 minutes). Remove by rinsing with warm water. Follow with a toner to balance and hydrate the skin.

Origin: Made in New Orleans, USA.