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Rainbow Playboy Zippo Lighter

Rainbow Playboy Zippo Lighter

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You're gonna dig the retro rainbow wave on this 70s-esque Playboy lighter. Features wavy rainbow with PLAYBOY text super imposed and subtly patternrd bunny. A great upgrade from our other Playboy lighter because this one is reusable bbs! The metal refillable lighter can be stored its metal storage tin to keep it in tip top shape.  

Refillable. You must fill with Zippo/Zippo style lighter fluid - NOT butane. These are shipped empty, without lighter fluid. Remember that flints are consumables and need replacing at regular intervals. Wick length is shortened with use. DO NOT let wick get too short (maintain just over 3 mm length). Pull out gently with pliers periodically.

Size: 2.25” x 1.5”.

Materials: Metal.

Origjn: Imported.