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Rainbow Ritual Candle Set - 20 Candles

Rainbow Ritual Candle Set - 20 Candles

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Friends NYC has all your witchy needs including these best selling ritual candles. Buy the whole rainbow set to keep your coven stocked up. Set includes 20 candles, 2 of each color. We do advise learning about what colors represent what so you perform your spell or ritual optimally and intentionally.

Use with our Ceramic Silver Ritual Candle Holder or our selenite candle holder.

Red: vitality, will power and desires.

Orange: self confidence, optimism and success.

Yellow: communications, trust and happiness.

Green: prosperity, fertility, luck and balance.

Blue: peace, creativity and patience.

Purple: psychic power, division and healing.

Black: regeneration, riddance and transition.

White: enlightenment, healing, purification and protection.

Size: 4" - includes 20 candles.

Origin: Imported.