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Rebel Witch by Kelly-ann Maddox Bookupload - Crystal Shoppe

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Rebel Witch by Kelly-Ann Maddox

Penguin Random House

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Rebel Witch is your contemporary guide for starting out in witchcraft. Build out a personal and fulfilling practice that aligns and evokes your own - magical - empowerment. Learn what raising energy means, alter creation, spell casting and more. Author Kelly-Ann Maddox has written Rebel Witch to not just teach to traditional ways of witchcraft, but to go as far as making your own divisions and deities that align with your life. Experiment and learn as you go, not focusing on perfection but growth. Pick this book up and make that magick happen!

Size: 6.21 x 1.02 x 9.45 inches; 224 pages.


Penguin Random House