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New & Waning Moon Ritual Candle

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Need to formally part or get rid of something in your life? The New & Waning Moon Ritual Candle is here for the assist!! Use this candle from J Southern Studio to do some magick and banish that stress, negativity, general life problem that comes with adulting, etc! It is also okay to use as a way to keep that stress away as well. 

Hand poured, this candle has a mix of black tourmaline, quartz, lavender, cedar leaf, and lily at the top. Once burned through, an apache tear obsidian crystal for the final part of this ritual. Be sure to trim that wick 1/4" to ensure even and safe burning.

Size: 6 oz. 

Materials: 100% American soy and beeswax.

Origin: Handmade and poured in California.