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Sari Fabric Gift Wraps

Sari Fabric Gift Wraps

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A best seller since we have introduced them, these upcycled sari wraps can do so many things!! We highly recommend this fabric as an alternative, sustainable, and reusable gift wrap. Just place your box or item in the center of flat sari fabric, folding over and tying opposite ends. Style your bow as you see fit! This makes for a much more memorable and sustaining gift.

These fair trade, recycled sari fabric wraps are large enough to be used for lightweight scarves, bandanas, or bag accessory. How will you use?

Please note that due to the nature of the item, sari wraps are a myriad of assorted colors and patterns. The saris pictured here are not what you will receive. If you have color range preferences share in your order notes we will try our best to match!

Size: 35" x 35" 

Materials: Recycled sari fabric.

Origin: Handcrafted in India.