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Stick Lighter - Tobacco

Stick Lighter - Tobacco


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Japanese reusable Stick Lighter from Tsubota Pearl is a long lasting smoke accessory. This Stick Lighter style mimicks a traditional tobacco cigarette - don't get it confused ;)

Refillable. You must fill with Zippo/Zippo style lighter fluid - NOT butane. These are shipped empty, without lighter fluid. Lighting without fluid will make lighter seem defective but it is not ;) Remember that flints are consumables and need replacing at regular intervals. Wick length is shortened with use. DO NOT let wick get too short (maintain just over 3 mm length). Pull out gently with pliers periodically.

Designed by Japanese brand Tsubota Pearl, the Stick Lighter is a core piece of the luxe lighter and cigarette case maker. Tsubota Pearl has been doing its thang since 1952. You can trust that your Stick Lighter is going to be *the* best! 

Materials: Polycarbonate casing, steel, cotton.

Size: 3.375" in length.

Origin: Designed & made in Japan.

Tsubota Pearl