The Queen: Forgotten Life behind an American Myth by Josh
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The Queen: The Forgotten Life Behind an American Myth by Josh Levin


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This first Friends Book Club pick was chosen by Alexis Patterson, @thebrooklynbookworm. Alexis works for Penguin Random House and also runs her own book club. Why Alexis chose this book: "I am really intrigued by 1970’s “welfare queen” Linda Taylor’s story. Taylor was a con artist who committed extensive welfare fraud as well as a host of other crimes. Although she pursued a life of crime and welfare scams, she also became a tool for the Reagan administration to discredit social programs in the USA and to demonize poverty-stricken Black women and poor people of color. Author and Slate editor Josh Levin forces the reader to question what we have done as a society to create situations like these. The nation goes into panic at a welfare cheat, but, due to economic inequality, people in our country go hungry, become homeless, and struggle to survive everyday. I love a good true crime story, especially one about a complicated person that you can at once dislike and yet also sympathize with. Yet, this story goes beyond the personal, touching on themes such as race, poverty, and government, issues that are as relevant today as they were during Taylor's life."

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