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Valfré - Pothead Ceramic Ashtray

Valfré - Pothead Ceramic Ashtray

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Don't use a boring ashtray when you can have this cute af one sitting on your coffee table. This ashtray is XL and is here to serve XL femme, girly stoner energy. Laid across a soft periwinkle blue background is a female illustrated character with some bud growing out of her head, listening to her floral record player. Has 3 nooks total to hold your rolls. Find even more smoke accessories in the Friends NYC Smoke Shop

Every ashtray is handmade and vary slightly from photos.

We welcome the wildly wonderful and psychedelic mind of Ilse Valfré. Their character driven artwork is what makes the Valfré brand fun and collectible. Check out our full Valfre collection and add some everyday object art to ya life.

Size: 6" x 6".

Materials: Ceramic.

Origin: Designed in Los Angeles.