you are a quest book
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You Are a Quest Book

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Whether you're a longtime fan of Prof. G's books or you've never picked one up, you won't regret adding this to your bookshelf or nightstand. 

Description: You Are a Quest is a stunning visual poem where you’re invited (and challenged) on a journey to explore, create, love, and shine. This voyage is made of mysterious geometrical shapes and Zen-like aphorisms that feel like the voice of an old friend. A mesmerizing experience, You Are a Quest is the perfect companion for the creative mind. It’s a timeless book that will inspire you for years to come. The follow-up to You Are a Circle, You Are a Message, and You Are a Dream, You Are a Quest is the fourth volume in Prof. G’s beloved “You Are” book series for the new creatives.

Size: 8" x 5.2"