4 U 4 $20

4 U 4 $20

April is one of our favorite months here at Friends. Why? Because it's Weed Month (4/20, duh!) and Earth Day (4/22) and we love to celebrate the many healing plants that Mother Earth so generously grows for us.

In celebration of our upcoming Sky High party with Floss Gloss (4/18/19) we've compiled a list of items to keep you lifted this 420 and all month long! Check out our curated 4 U 4 $20 section where everything is under $20. This April, treat yourself to elevated smoke accessories, home goods, self care products and more!

We love self-care and we think getting your nails did before starting your smoking ritual sounds like a heavenly plan. Our neighbors and BFFs Floss Gloss are the flossiest babes in Brooklyn and we have carried their nail lacquers ($8.99) for years. We love the opacity and coverage, but the amazing colors are what keep us coming back for more. Also they're cruelty free and vegan friendly! 

floss gloss nail lacquer polish angel

Donatella floss gloss nail polish

It's important to cultivate that good energy going before lighting up. Start by saging your apartment ($4.99) or by burning one of our tried and true incense matches ($2.99), and get your place mellowed out.

You're going to need some fire in order to fully participate in Weed Month. These matches ($12.99) are adorable and add some elegance to the fire making process. Use the match sticks to create a ritual out of lighting your candles (these travel candles are some of our best sellers). We encourage you to set the mood for your smoking pleasure!

Once you're in the Sky High zone, take some time for yourself. Attacking this broccoli puzzle ($15.99), will tickle your expanded brain cells. Plus, broccoli looks a bit like weed, and we think that's cosmic. Or get the creative juices flowing with What Is This? - an engaging art book for adults and children alike.


Need a break from feeding your mind? Keep the chill going with this sweet little bath fizzy ($7.99). The mini-bong ($9.99) and metallic, zodiac grinder ($9.99) are home necessities (only available to purchase in store). Once you're out of the bath, time to keep that body high going. Snuggle up on your couch with these puff puff socks ($9.99) and a hot cup of tranquility tea ($14.99) to keep that sky high chill.

Bong, Bath Fizzer, and Grinder

We have tons more under 4 $20 4 U items in store! Come visit and check out products like this Mary's Nutritionals award-winning CBD patch, which contains 10 mg of activated hemp extract. Simply adhere it to the skin to enjoy 8-12 hours of systemic relief! ($12.99). Rolling up? Make it easy with some beautiful pre-rolled cones. These are made by some bad ass women at Sackville & Co. and come as a pack of 6 ultra thin and slow burning papers ($12.99).

Mary's patch, Purple sunnies, and pre-rolled cones

Hope we've inspired you to live your best life for under $20! Come check out all of our smoking supplies and self-care products at our store in Bushwick, where everyday is 420~


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