#FRIENDSFOCUS with Dominick Fox

#FRIENDSFOCUS with Dominick Fox
#FRIENDSFOCUS is a weekly segment featuring someone we think is A+ AWESOME. You will get to know them through a series of fun questions and learn more about their personal style and creative endeavors!
Dominick Fox is a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter, who also works here at Friends! Dom's band, Bad Luck, released their first album in 2014. They're back with a new EP, Drug Phase and Dom's here to tell you all about it! 
Becca: Hey Dom! How's it going right now?
Dom: Yo. Life is good!
B: You've been in the music scene for a while now, how did you first get into creating your own music?
D: I’m definitely lucky because me and my brother Joe have been in bands and writing songs together since we were like 12 years old. So having somebody to always work and write with I think made it easier for both of us to express ourselves creatively with songwriting.
B: Recently your band Bad Luck has put out it's first release since 2015, Drug Phase. How would you describe the new EP and what it means to you?
D: It is very real/rock/short/fun/loud/sad/sick/NY and I’m very happy with it. It feels incredible just to have a new release and I appreciate the feeling more than I have before (since it’s been so long since our last album). Stoked for more new stuff ASAP.
#friendsfocus with Dominick Fox
B: You've recently went on a brief tour and even played in your city, Brooklyn. What were your top memories of this adventure?
D: The BK show was insanely wild! Hard to pick one thing though because each night we met awesome kids who gave a shit and best of all, we got to rock. Also ate very good vegan food in Philly (Blackbird Pizzeria!).
B: What should we expect next from Bad Luck?
D: We’re playing this awesome Hoboken college gig later this month with Laura Stevenson and then next month we’re doing a short run of spring dates to Canada and Bled Fest! Very stoked for it all. Tickets and new merch are on our new website (badluckdudes.com)!
B: You and your partner, Megan both work here at Friends. What is your fave part of working together?
D: We’re just a very good team so It’s cool knowing we can work quickly together. Also, getting to be together all day versus not is great.
#friendsfocus with Dominick Fox#friendsfocus with Dominick Fox
B: What are you favorite things from friends?
D: Zip Zap immunity syrup (the best!), any/all of the Dickies products and all the dope socks.
To keep up with Dom and Bad Luck, check out his links below!
Website - (badluckdudes.com) Twitter/Instagram - (@badluckdudesny) Facebook - (facebook.com/badluckdudesny) New EP - (hyperurl.co/Badluckdrugphase)
#friendsfocus with Dominick Fox

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