#FriendsFocus with Monika Heidemann

#FriendsFocus with Monika Heidemann
Next up in #FriendsFocus is super babe Monika Heidemann. Monika is a rad person and an awesome musician. Her music is synthey and dreamy, just like her! Check it out here and if you are around May 29th come out and see her play at  C'mon Everybody. You can also find her killing it all over our vintage feed. Check out our Q and A with her below. 
What is the weirdest place you have performed?
Weirdest place I've performed.....  I used to play saxophone.  I was living on Cape Cod with my Mom one summer and someone hired me to play solo sax on a rock on the beach during their wedding procession.  It was a very Kenny G moment.  Another strange one was when one of my old bands, Xylos, did a stripped down performance in the back of a yellow cab for some blog as we drove around Manhattan.
What is your best vintage score?
I can't answer this!!!  Half my clothes are vintage, some I still have since High School.  Last year my friend in New Orleans gave me an Armani cotton blouse with ruffles in the front from the early 90s last year that is beautiful and really comfy.  A few years ago I bought a 90s Max Mara dark denim suit in perfect condition from a good will in Georgia for $25 that I'm pretty proud of.
Who is your fashion icon?
-The feeling captured in all Helmut Newton photos
-Katherine Hepburn esp. in suits
-My 5 y/o self
Monika age 5 :)

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