#FriendsFocus with Julius High

#FriendsFocus with Julius High
This month's #FRIENDSFOCUS is on friend of the store, Julius High. Julius is a talented photographer, with an eye for color and beauty. Check out his work here. Julius recently shot an editorial for us and we love how it turned out: the styling, the location, the emotion, all came together to create some really beautiful images. 
How long have you been doing photography? Can you send us a 2-3 of your fave images you've ever captured?
I started pursuing photography, while working as a Sales Associate at American Apparel 4 years ago. As employees, we had to model the company's latest styles and I soon became more interested in being the person behind the lens instead of in front of it. Around that time, I was shrouded in both sadness and darkness as I was experiencing issues with family and a former lover. My friends and this new-found craft brought light back into my life. Appreciation always goes to my loved ones. 
What is your favorite camera to shoot with and why?
My favorite camera to shoot with is my girl Lil' Mama because of the way she captures the beauty of color. She is truly a magical film camera. I gave her a little personality and everything. We will travel the world together. 
It seems like you love working with and styling vintage clothing. What is your favorite vintage score ever?
I do love using vintage clothing and mixing it with contemporary styles in my shoots. Honestly, I would have to say Friends NYC would have to be one of my favorite vintage store in Brooklyn at the moment. 
Who is your fashion or photography icon?
My photography icon's would be Harley Weir and Tyrone Lebon. Their work is so vivid and beautiful. Outside of the photography realm, I would definitely have to say that Wes Anderson constantly inspires me with his usage of color and cohesion in his films.

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