STAFF SUMMER SWAG: Emma Kadar-Penner

STAFF SUMMER SWAG: Emma Kadar-Penner

We've been DYING for summer to grace us with her presence, so to get it moving along we went ahead and started picking all our summer essentials for you.  First up: store owner and summer aficionado Emma.

What’s your summer style vibe? These picks are so cute!

Emma: Omg i can’t wait for summer! I am so sick of being cold. Summer vibe is going to be athletic. And comfortable. I’m too old for fashion pain.

What’s your summer must have?

Emma: Sunglasses are obviously a summer MUST. I have a bunch of diff pairs from Friends. Some of my faves are the r&b red lens and my Crap Ultra Jungles. Also summer park or beach hangs are not complete without some grass and a wooden one hitter 😉

Where are you going (or dreaming of going?) this summer?

Emma:  I’m going to LA for work, and Steamboat, CO with some friends. And of course, the beach as much as possible. Also have some serious summer concerts to attend. Seeing Britney Spears and Drake and feeling #blessed.

Summer jam?

Emma: I’m really feeling Amadou & Miriam, Cerrone remix - Filaou Bessame. It feels like sunlight and positivity and joy!

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