Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Lovewild Design

Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Lovewild Design

Two things we love? Sustainability and our Brooklyn-based #friendsoffriends. Lucky for us (and you, of course), our latest spotlight shines on a brand that checks both boxes: Lovewild Design. Makers, mixers, and crafters of sustainable, handmade products, Lovewild is family and women-run. And it all started with wedding invitations.

Today, the brand creates everything from baby to home to bath goods  – the latter of which we now have in stock HERE! To help properly introduce you to Lovewild (and show why we <3 their products so much), we chatted with founder Sierra Zamarripa. Ahead she talks brand values, product evolution, and why handmade, good-for-the-earth things just feel so good to use.

Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Lovewild Design

Q: Although Lovewild began as a paper products and wedding invitation company, you sell so much more today. How has the business evolved over the years? 

A: I needed a way to bring my brand in front of people which in NYC meant markets! I grew up in markets as my parents sold at a number of flea markets throughout the city so it just seemed the most natural choice. While I only had custom wedding invitations in my mind - I threw together some giftable items I would make for myself or for friends and sell them at places like Hester St Fair and Artists & Fleas. Those few items were quickly more of a hit than invitations and I realized how much easier life could be if I made a ton of one products instead of loads of back and forth working with clients. 

Q: Why did home and bath goods feel like a natural expansion of the Lovewild brand? 

I think I took the direction of bath goods for a few reasons. I’m a care giver of all (I’m a cancer...) so that seemed like a good starting point! I also have super sensitive skin and sense of smell. A lot of products just have too many ingredients, their fragrances are too strong and their practices not transparent enough. My starting point was just stick to simple and sustainable. 

Home goods came later. And then baby. We just sort of redirect as our lives change. When I was pregnant I came up with some baby goods. And now? We’re selling handmade masks and hand sanitizer for people who want plastic-free options. 

Q:  What are some of the key consistent values in your products?

Sustainability! I also look for ways to support other small businesses throughout our manufacturing. One of our newest products, the Mexican Moon Bath started from when I met a family in Teotitlán del Valle. They harvest an amazing flower that isn’t used much beyond parts of Mexico. We now work directly with them!

Q: Why sustainability? 

Why not!? But really how can we manufacture anything without thinking of future repercussions and the end of life of a product. So much thought goes into products during developmental stages but very little once it’s used or broken. It’s just thrown away- but there is no “away”. I worked in the public sector and realized it takes so long to make an impact. Whereas I have control of what we make at Lovewild. All of our packaging is easily recyclable, reusable or home compostable. 

Q: There’s something really special about using handmade products. Why do you think they evoke certain feelings or experiences versus those that are mass-produced?

Hmm I’m not sure! I know for me I feel more connected to the person that made it. Mass produced things feel sterile and there’s just a disconnect. I think it’s the same reason I choose to shop vintage for just about everything! The item has a story and feels more personal. I hope that people that buy my products get those same feelings ❤️

Shop a few of our fav products:

Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Lovewild Design

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Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Lovewild Design

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Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Lovewild Design

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